How Do You Report Scammers?


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U.S. residents can report scammers by filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, forwarding scam e-mails to the Federal Trade Commission or contacting a local FBI office, according the official FBI website. People can also file complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

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Scams fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI and the FTC. The FBI mainly handles e-scam reports through the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Scams that consumers should report to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center include auction fraud, scam e-mails, investment fraud, online shopping scams, online credit card fraud and non-delivery of purchased goods. The FTC handles a variety of scams, including online scams and telephone scams. People can report scams to the FTC by e-mail, by filling in a complaint form online or by calling its toll-free number, which is listed on the FTC official website.

The Better Business Bureau can handle complaints regarding business and marketplace-related scams, according to the BBB official website. These include any complaints that relate to products or services sold by a business. Consumers can submit a complaint to the BBB through the online form on its official website.

Signs of phone scams include calls that expect the recipient to make a quick decision, offers that seem too good to be true, callers that claim their investments are low-risk and callers who do not want the recipient to do any background checks. Many Internet scammers also use the same tactics. They may also use flashy websites to bait consumers and may use a false address or phone line.

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