How Do You Report Phone Scam Calls?


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To report a phone scam call, evidentiary support is required. The accuser must be 100 percent certain that the person calling is a scammer. Only then can the Federal Trade Commission, FBI, or local police department be contacted.

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To report scam phone calls first gather all information about the phone call possible. Get the phone number of the party who called, along with all the date and time(s) they called. Also include any info about the caller and what was said in the call. Then, start by contacting the Federal Trade Commission about this scam, and file a complaint against the scammers. The Federal Trade Commission also provides helpful advice regarding how to handle identity theft.

If the scamming persists after contacting the Federal Trade Commission, contact the FBI by using their "online tips form" to let them know about people committing fraud over the phone. The FBI will do a full-scale investigation and get the scammers to stop. If the calls are threatening, file a report with the local police department. Finally, if worse comes to worst, register the phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry; thus, making it illegal for telemarketers and scammers to contact the number. Violators face some serious fines and penalties.

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