How Do You Report Mortgage Fraud?


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Report mortgage fraud to the state field division of the FBI, advises Mortgage News Daily. A master list of FBI field division offices by state is available at FBI.gov.

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The FBI also has a "tips" page that allows individuals who suspect themselves victims of fraud to alert the FBI of possible criminal activity. The "White Collar Crime" department of the FBI specifically investigates various forms of mortgage fraud, including foreclosure rescue schemes, illegal property flipping, loan modification schemes, builder bailout/condo conversion, silent second and equity skimming.

Mortgage fraud scenarios potentially encompass local and national collaborations, reports the FBI. This particular kind of fraud typically entails collusion between groups of professionals, such as bank loan officers, appraisers, accountants, real estate brokers and mortgage brokers, according to Mortgage News Daily.

To register a complaint or report suspicions of fraud allegedly perpetrated by any of these professionals, states Mortgage News Daily, contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency concerning a national bank. Regarding a federal savings and loan association, contact the Office of Thrift Supervisors. The National Credit Union Association takes complaints about federally-charted credit unions.

For information about mortgage fraud prevention, review the Mortgage Fraud Overview at FBI.gov, which offers consumer tips for protection against mortgage fraud, foreclosure fraud schemes, mortgage debt elimination schemes and many more.

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