How Do I Report a Lost Food Stamp Card in Louisiana?

report-lost-food-stamp-card-louisiana Credit: Blend Images - JGI/Tom Grill/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Lost or stolen food stamp cards in Louisiana require a call to a customer service center. Food stamp cards in Louisiana are run by the Electronic Benefit Transfer system under the name Louisiana Purchase Card.

  1. Report the food stamp card missing

    For lost, stolen or other card issues, immediately call the EBT customer service center toll-free at 888-997-1117; this is the correct number as of October 2014. A representative can take your information and disable the lost card so no one else can use it.

  2. Request a replacement

    In Louisiana, you must visit your local parish office to request a replacement card. Once your request is submitted, wait five to seven days for a new EBT card to arrive in the mail.

  3. Activate the card

    When you receive the card in the mail, contact customer service again to activate it and select a new personal identification number.