How Do You Report Identity Theft?

How Do You Report Identity Theft?

To report identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission website to file a report, then call the three major credit bureaus to create a fraud alert for your file. Contact your banking institution, then fill out a police report at your local police department.

  1. Fill out an identity theft report

    Visit the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information website. Click on the Privacy & Identity button on the main menu. Click Repairing Identity Theft from the left panel. Choose Immediate Steps to Repair Identity Theft underneath the heading What to Do Right Away. Click Create an Identity Theft Report. Complete and submit the form online, making sure to retain your complaint reference number.

  2. Contact the credit bureaus

    Call Equifax, Experian and Trans Union to alert them about identity theft involving your file. Doing so helps the credit bureaus monitor your credit file closely whenever changes or updates are made.

  3. Alert your bank

    Contact your banking institution so they can help you change your account numbers, passwords and personal identification numbers.

  4. File a police report

    Contact your local police department to fill out a police report. Let them know you have already filed an identity theft report with the FTC. Get a copy of the report so your banking institutions and creditors can use it for their investigations.