How Do You Report Identity Fraud?


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To report identity fraud, contact the Federal Trade Commission to report the situation, according to The United States Department of Justice. Contact the FTC via phone, e-mail or mail at the Consumer Response Center.

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Contacting a local FBI office and the Secret Service is another measure to take to report a fraud or identity theft crime, according to The United States Justice Department. Contacting a local office of Postal Inspection Service is an option if it is believed a change of address has been submitted by an identity thief who has been using the mail to engage in fraudulent activity with your identity. Other agencies to contact in regard to identity fraud are the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service if it is suspected that the fraud that has been perpetrated affected benefits and services of these agencies.

Contacting major creditors, such as Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, is helpful to ensure that fraudulent information used is reported to these agencies. A proactive step is to contact all major financial institutions with accounts registered to your name to cancel accounts an identity thief may have registered with your name and information without your knowledge, according to The United States Justice Department.

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