How Do You Report Forest Fires in Oregon?


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The best way to report a wildfire in Oregon is to call 911 as soon as possible. If the fire is close by, move to a safer area before taking the time to assess the details of the fire.

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If you are not in immediate danger, try to get as much information about the fire as you can. In addition to the fire's location, the firefighters may need to know whether any people, structures or livestock are threatened.

The approximate size of the fire is also helpful information. Try to get an idea of how quickly it is moving and what kind of fuel it is burning, such as grass or trees. Note the color of the smoke, because different fuel creates varying colors. This kind of information is helpful for the dispatchers to know so that they can make sure they send out the best resources for the job.

If the fire is nearby and you are told to evacuate, do not hesitate to do so. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, be sure to have an evacuation plan in place. This should include a planned route of escape and a place to go. Know in advance what you plan to take with you. You can also minimize the risk of having your home destroyed by clearing away debris, plants and other potential fuel sources in your yard.

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