How Do You Report Drunk Drivers?


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To report a drunk driver, call 911, the local police, the state sheriff or other proper authority or emergency hotline and report the direction the vehicle was headed; a description of the vehicle, including make, model and color of the car; and the license plate number, instructs the DUI Foundation. Include in the report any information on how the operator is driving vehicle, such as swerving and violations of the law.

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How Do You Report Drunk Drivers?
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It is important to give authorities a description of the potential drunk driver's vehicle misconduct due to questionable legality of driving under influence citizen reports in the past that were inaccurate or intentionally misleading, reports the DUI Foundation. Reported behavior of the driver must be common behavior of drunk driving, match what happened, or contain a believable description of events to help provide authorities with sufficient evidence of the suspected DUI to pull over the vehicle if located.

Common behavior of drunk drivers includes braking excessively, driving off the road, overturning or making wide turns, and excessive speeding or driving well under the speed limit, states DUI Foundation. Braking late or abruptly for signs, following other vehicles too closely, driving with the windows down in cold weather and reckless passing are other typical signs of drunk driving.

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