How Do You Report a Death Social Security?

How Do You Report a Death Social Security?

To report someone's death to the Social Security office, gather the needed information about the person along with the legal death certificate, then call the Social Security Administration to get more information about finding and completing all the necessary paperwork. Finally, mail in the paperwork once it's completed.

  1. Gather the needed information

    Make sure you have the correct Social Security number and name as it appears on the deceased person's social security card, along with their address and date of birth. If the person has been receiving benefits, it is also helpful to know how much he or she received each month and when the last payment was received.

  2. Acquire a legal death certificate

    Collect proof of death for the person. If the death was due to unusual circumstances (e.g. a disappearance), other forms of evidence for death are acceptable. Check with the Social Security office to learn what is acceptable proof of death.

  3. Call the Social Security office

    Call the toll-free number for the Social Security Administration to report the death. Fill out the necessary paperwork. The forms can be printed from the Social Security website or obtained from a local Social Security office. The forms can also be mailed.

  4. Return the paperwork

    Mail the completed and signed paperwork, along with the death certificate and any other requested documentation, to the Social Security Administration.