How Do You Report an Auto Accident?

To report a car accident to your insurance provider, obtain all important information about the accident and call the insurance firm after receiving proper medical care for any injury, instructs You may also review your car insurance policy when you reach home to ensure you understand your coverage. To report the accident to the police, be specific, describe how the accident occurred and mention essential information, such as the name and insurance details of the driver, suggests

Other essential details to state in a police report include the names of witnesses, the number of passengers in the other vehicle, any damages to your car, and injuries you or your passengers suffered, states If police officers do not come to the accident site, visit the police department in person to file the report. Write down notes, and take pictures of everything in the scene of the accident, including your injuries.

When calling your insurance company, write down the name and contact details of the company representative as well as the date, time and details of the conversation, recommends Report all relevant information about the accident, including the time and location, the road condition, the make and model of the other car, a description of the accident and details about the police report.