How Do I Get a Replacement Birth Certificate?

How Do I Get a Replacement Birth Certificate?

To get a replacement birth certificate, call the county of your birth to verify the state-specific requirements, secure the correct method of payment and go to the county office or write a formal request for the replacement document. This process takes approximately one hour and requires access to a directory, phone and transportation to your local bank and town hall.

  1. Identify your place of birth

    Verify the county and state in which you were born. Policies about vital document replacement vary by state. Call the town hall local to your birth place to inquire about the procedure and cost of replacing your birth certificate, as well as the forms of identification required.

  2. Obtain a money order

    Identify what methods of payment your state accepts and to whom the payment is made. Most states do not accept cash. You will need to obtain a money order or cashier's check, or write a personal check.

  3. Write or visit the office

    Take your method of payment to the local office along with picture identification. A copy of your birth certificate should be printed while you wait. If you are a long distance away from the office, it is acceptable to write a request and mail the payment to the local town hall.