How Do You Renew Your Enrollment in the SNAP Program?

Once approved for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, individuals and families renew by completing a form to update their local office with current information, states the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Local SNAP offices typically send these forms to active households, or participants can request them.

Exact regulations and contact information for SNAP administration vary by state, according to Project Bread. In the state of Massachusetts, case workers manage SNAP status and forms for renewal about every 12 months, but the exact period for renewal can vary from monthly to every two years. Initial approval in SNAP is officially referred to as certification, and the period of renewal is called recertification. Prior to recertification, participants must notify caseworkers of changes to their household size and income, to avoid being required to pay back benefits. The source and frequency of a participant's income are some of the factors that impact this. In some cases, the caseworker and the Department of Transitional Assistance can require documents to verify participants' information.

As of 2015, local offices that renew SNAP benefits typically refer to themselves as social services, human services, public assistance, food stamps or a similar title, says the USDA. The federal headquarters cannot provide or process SNAP forms. Some states provide forms and account administration online, while others list a contact phone number on the USDA site.