How Do You Renew Your CCW Permit?


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Licensed weapons carriers looking to renew their CCW permit are advised to search the government webpage of their respective state for the specific protocol on renewal. While the process varies by state, the owner is typically required to fill out a form and enclose the appropriate renewal fee.

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Printer-friendly renewal forms are made accessible online by all states; in many instances, persons are able submit the form and pay the associated fee electronically.

Most states require that renewal forms are received within a designated time period prior to the expiration of their permit -30 days in the state of North Carolina. Renewals not submitted before the deadline may force the applicant to apply for a new permit. Florida permit holders may renew their license up to six months after expiration, but are subject to a $15 penalty, according to the state's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Permits to carry concealed weapons are generally valid for five to seven years and may be affected by citations or charges incurred by the owner during that period. Some states will mail renewal forms to permit holders automatically as the end of their current permit approaches; others may require permit holders to make an appointment to renew the permit in person.

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