How Do You Remove Media Usage Rights?


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Media usage rights cannot be removed by any means except via permission of the owner of the original media or the individual to whom the rights have been transferred. Media usage rights are the implementation of the owner's restrictions on how consumers can use files for which they purchased a license, according to Microsoft.

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If media usage rights are not allowing usage of the file in spite of proper use of the file under the terms of purchase, redownload or verify the file from the source from which it was acquired, notes Microsoft. Check to ensure the program is automatically verifying playing or syncing files.

When purchasing digital programs and files, some content providers may place Digital Rights Management, otherwise known as DRM, or media usage rights restrictions to preserve their copyright and prevent unauthorized and illegal usage of the file conflicting with the provider's rights and interests, explains Microsoft. Media usage rights conflicts occur when the consumer attempts to use a file in an unauthorized way, such as burning a file to disc without the usage license to do so, or using files that have been transferred improperly from another device and thus lack the appropriate rights on the new device.

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