How Do You Remove Driving License Points?


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Points on driving records can be removed in several ways, including completing state-approved driver safety courses and maintaining error-free driving records for certain periods of time. Some states offer safety-oriented driving courses at designated motor vehicle facilities. These courses give drivers the option to complete traffic safety classes, although the sessions are sometimes court mandated.

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States have different methods of allowing drivers to remove points from their records: driver safety and improvement courses and maintaining clean driving records down the road are the two most common. Some states offer both options to help drivers reduce points more quickly, but others only offer one method. Most states use point systems to rank traffic violations: driving offenses that pose the greatest risks to others on the road, such as running red lights and driving while under the influence, often receive the highest number of points and are more difficult to erase from records. Citizens can contact their local motor vehicle departments to find out about a specific state point removal policy.

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