Do You Release Liability If You Sign a Waiver Form?


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Depending on the wording of the waiver form, signing a waiver typically does release the owner, host or organizer of the stated activity from liability for damage or injury, Rocket Lawyer explains. Waivers also often confer authority to seek emergency medical treatment.

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Although signing a waiver creates a release of liability, it is sometimes possible to contest the waiver in court, according to Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP. A waiver may be declared void if its wording is too broad, too narrow or nonspecific. Marketing literature can sometimes be a method of committing fraud upon a consumer; in this case, the presence of fraud overrides the waiver signed. If a product is defective or if the other party was reckless or grossly negligent, it's also possible to sue for damages even if a waiver releasing liability was signed.

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