How Do You Get a Reissue of a Nigerian Passport?

How Do You Get a Reissue of a Nigerian Passport?

To reissue a Nigerian passport in the United States, fill out the passport application, pay the fee and include two passport photos and the expired passport. Passport applications can be filled out online, notes the Nigerian Embassy.

To renew a Nigerian passport, use the following steps as outlined by the Nigerian Embassy.

  1. Fill out the E-passport application
  2. The E-passport application is available on the Nigeria Immigration website. Select the "Standard" option and choose the country of residence as the processing country. Create an account on the portal and select the processing embassy that corresponds to the processing country.

  3. Print and submit the form
  4. Print the form for personal reference before submitting it. Submit the form.

  5. Pay the fee
  6. Fees vary depending on age and are payable by debit or credit card. E-passport applicants receive an application ID and reference when they submit their passport applications. Be sure to include this information in the payment.

  7. Send supplementary materials to the embassy
  8. After sending in the online application and paying the fees, send the expired passport, a photocopy of the data page of the old passport, the payment and acknowledgement slips for the online application and two passport-sized photos. The embassy charges a small processing fee to process passport applications from outside Nigeria. Include the payment for this fee as a money order or cashier's check. Parents who want to renew passports for their children must also include a letter of consent signed by both parents, a copy of the child's birth certificate and copies of their own passport data pages.