How do you find the registered owner of a vehicle?


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To find the registered owner of a vehicle, write down the license plate number and the Vehicle Identification Number, also known as the VIN, of the car. With this information, run a CarFax report on the vehicle, or call your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

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How do you find the registered owner of a vehicle?
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The VIN is visible on the front dashboard of the car on the driver's side, near the edge of the bottom windshield. After you obtain the necessary numbers and run the report, CarFax can tell you the owner of the car and that person's last known address. If this doesn't lead to a response, call or visit the local DMV, and share the license plate with them or fill out a Request For Record Information form. The DMV cannot legally give you an address, but it may be able to give you a phone number where the owner can be reached.

If neither of these options provides results, there are companies that can track down the previous or current owner for a fee. Search the Internet with a search term such as "find vehicle owner" for a list of relevant companies. Some of these companies can perform a search from anywhere, but others require a local customer.

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