How Do You Register a Warranty?


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Most product warranties can be registered on their respective manufacturers' websites with a few simple steps, as on Samsung's website, while other types of warranties, such as extended or home warranties may be completed on third-party websites that offer warranty services. The original documents and packaging greatly facilitate this process.

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To register a warranty, first locate the official product name and model number from the original packaging or paperwork. Often, this paperwork also has the web address where the registration can be completed. If the website information is not listed, you can also find the registration page from the brand website. For example, on Samsung.com, the product registration page is found under the "Owners and Support" tab. Next, enter the model number, then personal information as prompted. Alternatively, a phone number may be provided to complete this process.

Some warranties, such as home warranties, additionally require a registration fee and/or a certificate of ownership, according to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. The specific details of submitting this information vary by provider.

According to ConsumerReports.org, consumer warranty rights extend beyond the manufacturer warranty and can be protected by law and credit card warranties. Additionally, retailers may provide independent warranties at the time of purchase.

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