How Do You Register to Vote in Kentucky?


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To register to vote in Kentucky, obtain and fill out a voter's registration card and submit it by mail or in person. To obtain a voter's registration card, visit Elect.KY.gov and download and print it or visit a government office to inquire about it.

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Fill out the voter registration card by typing in the information or by handwriting the information. However, whichever method you select, you must sign the card by hand. When typing in the information, take special care not to skip any boxes or leave spaces blank. If information is inaccurate or missing, it delays processing the application.

Mail the completed signed voter registration card to the State Board of Elections. To submit the voter registration card in person, drop it off at the Department of Motor Vehicles, a local high school or at a local government social services building. You can also submit a completed voter registration card at an armed forces recruitment office.

Once the registration is processed, you receive a notification in the mail. This takes up to two to three weeks. If there is a problem with your registration, you should receive a notification. To check on the status of your voter registration, use the form provided on Elect.KY.gov.

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