How Do You Register to Vote for a City Council Election?


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To vote for a city council election in an American city, you must register to vote in the state and city you reside in, following the registration requirements for that state. As of 2015, some states, including California, Illinois and Washington, offer online registration, while other states require prospective voters to mail in a form or register in person at the state's Department of Motor Vehicles or other civil service locations that provide voter registration.

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Although certain voter registration requirements vary between states, to register to vote in any local American elections, you must be over 18 years old and cannot been legally declared mentally incompetent. Usually you must be an American citizen and have resided in the community you're registering in for at least 30 days. Some states also restrict the voting rights of convicted felons. Six states offer same-day voter registration, while most other states require voters to register a limited number of days before an election.

When registering to vote in person, you must provide proof of identification; either an official photo ID or a government bill or document showing your current address is usually sufficient. If you register online or through mail, you must submit copies of your identification or bring identification to the polling place when you vote.

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