How Do You Register for Verified by Visa?


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To register for Verified by Visa, go to the website of your card issuer, register your card account and set a Verified by Visa password, according to the official website of Visa. Alternatively, create a password for Verified by Visa during the checkout process while shopping.

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When a Verified by Visa account is activated, a consumer undergoes an automatic authentication process in a Verified by Visa window every time he buys from a participating merchant, explains Visa. The verification service is launched after the customer enters his Visa card number and sends his order. The purchase is completed once the authentication is successfully finished.

Verified by Visa is an international service that provides extra protection to cardholders and increases merchant confidence, notes Visa. It helps decrease fraudulent activities and disputes involving Visa payment cardholders, especially unauthorized transactions by fraud users. Verified by Visa is part of the credit card company’s five-layer protection system that prevents, identifies and solves security problems. The service works by requiring another password or data to verify an online buyer’s identity in real time.

Customers who want to use Verified by Visa when shopping should choose participating merchants with a Verified by Visa symbol on their websites, suggests Visa. Both credit and debit Visa cards can be registered for Verified by Visa.

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