How Do You Register for Social Security Online?

How Do You Register for Social Security Online?

To register for Social Security online, go to, navigate to the page for Online Services, select Apply for Benefits and click on the appropriate application link. When prompted, answer the questions about yourself and your family. Once the application is complete, verify your statements and electronically sign the application.

  1. Navigate to the application

    Open your web browser. To navigate to the Social Security Administration's website, type "" into the address bar. Click on the link for Online Services. Select Apply For Benefits from the list, and click on the link for the appropriate application.

  2. Complete the application

    As directed, enter information about yourself and your family. Follow the series of screens, and navigate forward and backward through the application as needed. If necessary, skip a section and return to it later. You can always save your application and continue at a different time.

  3. Finish a saved application

    To open a saved application, select Apply For Benefits from the Online Services page and click on the Return To A Saved Application link.

  4. Submit the application

    Once you have entered all of your information, verify and confirm that your statements are truthful. To sign the application electronically, click on the Submit Now button.

  5. Check on the status of the application

    Once your application is complete, return to the Online Services page. Under Apply For Benefits, select Check Your Application Status.