How Do You Register a Logo?

How Do You Register a Logo?

A trademark logo can be registered online through the United States Patents and Trademark website. Logos can be a good way to establish a business brand and give customers a way to easily identify company products or services. While it is not a requirement by law, it may be prudent to hire an attorney to help with trademark registration, notes the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademarks are an important issue to consider when thinking of starting a service or product based business. Each business in the US has a right to come up with a unique logo that can be used to identify its services or products. To avoid copyright issues, businesses are required to register their trademarks through the USPTO. Follow the procedure below to register a trademark logo.

  1. Go to the USPTO website
  2. Visit the USPTO website and read all the information that relates to trademark registration. While on the website, make sure no other business is using the logo to be registered.

  3. Hire an attorney
  4. Hiring an attorney may be necessary for those who wish to get legal advice on how to proceed with the registration. This is an optional step and may be skipped if deemed unnecessary.

  5. Submit an online application
  6. Click on the application form and enter all the information required. Be sure to verify if all details are accurate before submitting the application.

  7. Make fee payment and await feedback
  8. Trademark applications cost between $275 and $325 as of 2015, according to The Wall Street Journal. Expect to receive a response from the USPTO within 6 months.