What Records Is a Court Clerk Responsible For?


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A court clerk is responsible for various records relating to probate, criminal felony and traffic citations. The court clerk is also responsible for records related to juvenile cases and small claims proceedings.

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What Records Is a Court Clerk Responsible For?
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Court clerks take care of a variety of administrative tasks. Their duties include maintaining adoption records and trade name registrations. Court clerks are also in charge of maintaining court records pertaining to misdemeanor, probate and juvenile cases. They maintain records related to real estate transactions such as conveyances and deeds. They also handle the collection and disbursement of transfer taxes.

In addition, the court clerks are responsible for issuing marriage licenses, other licenses required by law and jury summons. The clerks attend various board meetings and manage the minutes of the meetings.

The court clerks administer child support payments and trust accounts for minors. They prepare, mark and keep documents and exhibits. They file legal documents and materials related to cases and lawsuits. They also issue official documents including arrest warrants, subpoenas, abstracts and writs.

Moreover, the court clerks are responsible for the receipt and distribution of money paid to courts. Court clerks collect court fees, license fees and fines related to traffic violations and parking tickets. They make payments to jurors. Finally, pursuant to the rules established by the U.S. Department of State, court clerks receive and process passport applications.

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