How Do You Recharge a Fire Extinguisher?


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To recharge a fire extinguisher, you need to remove the head and remaining wetting agent, mix new wetting agent with water, pour the mixture into the extinguisher base, replace the extinguisher head, and charge the extinguisher. A bucket, wetting agent, water, a funnel and air compressor are required.

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  1. Removing the head and wetting agent

    Be certain that all the pressure has been released from the fire extinguisher before removing the head. Once the head has been removed, empty out all of the wetting agent, regardless of whether the wetting agent has been partially discharged. You must start over with all new wetting agent.

  2. Mix new wetting agent with water

    Check your fire extinguisher's label to determine the required wetting agent, as well as the quantities of water and wetting agent to mix together. If unsure, contact the company that manufactures the extinguisher or have it professionally recharged. Mix the agent and water in an appropriately sized bucket.

  3. Pour the mixture into the extinguisher base

    Use a funnel to pour the mixture into the extinguisher base.

  4. Replace the head

    Replace and hand-tighten the extinguisher head. Be certain not to over-tighten the head.

  5. Charge the extinguisher

    Use an air compressor to charge the extinguisher to between 100 and 175 psi, or until the pressure gauge extends into the green zone. Stand to the side while charging for your safety. Be certain to monitor your fire extinguisher's pressure level periodically to ensure optimal function.

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