How Do You Get Recertified for Food Stamps?


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The specific regulations for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, or food stamps, program vary by state. In general, individuals currently receiving SNAP benefits must submit a recertification application or respond to a recertification notice before the 15th of the month that current benefits expire.

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Federal law requires states to send out a recertification notice to individuals currently receiving SNAP benefits before the current certification period ends. The notice gives the date that current benefits expire, the deadline for filing a recertification application, where to file, alternative ways of filing, and the consequences of not filing the application. It also states what documents and proofs are needed to process an application.

Federal law additionally requires an interview as part of the recertification process. The policy on whether the interview is conducted over the phone or in-person varies by state. However, many states conduct interviews the same day that the application is filed.

Failure to comply with recertification rules results in a delay or denial of the application. Applicants who fail to file a recertification application ontime experience a lapse in food stamp benefits. Individuals in this situation may be eligible for expedited processing, but the service is not offered in all states. Applicants who fail to attend the recertification interview are subject to a denial of the application.

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