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Although the United States government does not attempt to scam U.S. citizens, there are other groups that use the government's name in order to perpetuate scams. One example of this is a scam by people claiming to be part of the government's grants department, notes the Washington Post.

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In this scam, a group used the name of the U.S. Government Grants Department to tell unsuspecting citizens that the government was going to give them a large grant, which would be tax free, notes the Washington Post. The reason for the grant was supposedly because the caller had been a "good citizen." The scam asks for a credit card number or a checking account, from which money is then taken and the grant is never deposited.

In another scam, an email is sent out to people who supposedly work in tax offices, and the email asks for the tax professional to send over IRS information via an electronic portal. This is a phishing scam, according to the IRS itself. These emails should not be clicked on and opened by anyone who receives one. The scam asks professionals to "update your IRS e-file immediately" and specifically includes "IRSgov" in the email, instead of IRS.gov as it is officially. The IRS also asks U.S. citizens to remember that the IRS never communicates via email to obtain personal financial information.

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