What Are Some Reasons to Study Politics?


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Reasons to study political science include employment opportunities in the executive or legislative branches of government, career opportunities in political parties or political campaigns, career advancement for someone already employed by the government or in politics, or just for the personal benefit of understanding politics and government better. Aristotle called political science the “queen of the sciences.”

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Understanding the science of politics is very advantageous if working in a governor’s or mayor’s office or as a legislative analyst. Studying politics provides an understanding of how a government works to serve the people, through separation of powers and accountability. Whether studying Congress or the local city council, many of the basic facets of how these organizations operate are similar. After the proposal of a law or ordinance, the proposal is open for discussion and voted on. If the law or ordinance passes, it is up to administrators to implement and enforce it.

Understanding the process of creating policy and passing laws provides an excellent basis for discussing many issues of the day. It is difficult to discuss any item considered by a legislative body without understanding how that issue may eventually become a law.

Political campaigns hire individuals who have a good understanding of politics. A person knowledgeable in politics is able to help a candidate identify his constituency base and design the best message for that base.

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