What Are Some Reasons for a Driver's License Suspension?


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Common reasons for a driver's license suspension include point accumulation, multiple violations and driving while under the influence of alcohol convictions, according to Nolo. Reasons for license suspensions vary from state to state.

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Many states have a point system that adds points onto a driver's record for each type of moving violation he receives, explains Nolo. If the driver receives too many points in a certain time frame, he is at risk of losing his driver's license. Some states impose points for motor vehicle accidents, even if those accidents were deemed to be no-fault accidents. Most point systems count moving violations as one point and minor violations as two points.

More serious violations may count as three, four or five points. Most states suspend a driver's license after four points in a year, six points in two years or eight points in three years. Driving while intoxicated charges can result in a license suspension before the driver is ever convicted of the offense, states Nolo. The best way for drivers to keep their licenses is to keep track of their points, avoid getting points by driving safely, fight a ticket when possible and attend a traffic safety class to wipe the points off their record.

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