What Are Some Reasons for Discharge From the Army?

There are several different reasons for discharge from parenthood with a lack of a family plan to care for the child, physical injuries, mental instability, personality disorders or bad behavior. There are five types of discharges available including honorable discharge, general under honorable conditions, under other than honorable conditions, bad conduct discharge and dishonorable discharge.

The type of discharge given by the military determines what benefits the discharged member can receive. The most common reason for discharge from the armed sources is due to physical conditions or mental conditions that make it nearly impossible for the soldier to serve. At the very least, these conditions interfere with the soldier's ability to perform services at the standard level that is required of all soldiers. Soldiers are also often discharged for misconduct that has to do with the abuse of alcohol or the abuse of drugs, which is unacceptable by military standards. The most common requested reason for a discharge from the soldier himself is the dependency or hardship discharge. This discharge is for people who need to be home to take care of a new child or who need to care for an ailing family member that cannot be cared for by another person within the family.