What Are Reasons Against Having a Military Draft?

Advocates against having a military draft argue that a draft is unnecessary because the size of the military is sufficient to defend the country and military outlets are not currently experiencing difficulty recruiting, as of 2015, according to the Small Wars Journal. Increasing the size of the military is also expensive and utilizes tax payer money that can be allocated to other causes and organizations to support veterans and economically-challenged citizens.

Another reason a military draft is often disputed revolves around the unprepared nature of military-aged youth. Only 30 percent of people 17 to 24 are physically and mentally fit to serve, reports the Small Wars Journal. Many people aged 17 to 24 suffer from physical and mental conditions, obesity, drug addiction and criminal issues that disqualify them from eligibility in the military. Instituting a draft that attracts unqualified soldiers does not accurately represent the United States nor put the most qualified individuals in the position of fighting for the country's freedom.

A military draft may also prey unfairly on economically-challenged minorities and citizens. People who have established careers or the means to legally fight a required draft have an unfair advantage that minorities or underprivileged citizens do not, which can lead to discrimination.