What Is the Reason for Issuing a Sample Ballot?


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The purpose of a sample ballot is to allow the voter to familiarize him or herself with those who are running for office and the ballot questions. The sample ballot is exactly the same as the actual ballot, but without the heading of "Official Ballot" and the state's seal.

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What Is the Reason for Issuing a Sample Ballot?
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The sample ballot, which has a heading "Sample Ballot," provides an opportunity for voters to prepare themselves for the Election Day. There is no restriction for voters to bring along their sample ballots and use them as reference for voting on the ballots. Every voting district's sample ballots, along with the election notices, are posted to voters 7 days ahead of Election Day in the state of Georgia. Sample ballots can be viewed online at government sites after entering details like a voter's home address, date of birth, name and kind of voter.

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