How Do You Read an NVC Case Number?

The National Visa Center (NVC) number is the case number assigned to immigrant visa applications for those wanting to enter the United States. The NVC number not only identifies each individual case but also provides important information relevant to the application, states The Law Dictionary.

A NVC case number contains 13 characters consisting of letters and numbers, according to immihelp. The first three letters identify the overseas embassy or consulate that accepted the original visa application. The next four numbers refer to the year the National Visa Center acquired the application. The following three numbers refer to the day the NVC received the application. It is the day of the year minus 500. For example, the number 510 means the visa application was accepted on the 10th day of the year or January 10. The final three numbers indicate the order of the application for that day. Therefore, the seventh petition filed on a particular day receives the number 007. Accordingly, the NVC case number NWD2003510007 is the seventh case created by the New Delhi consulate on January 10, 2003.

The date and order of the NVC case number are important because older applications are given priority on visa determinations. Since the government has a statute of limitations in which to make decisions regarding visa applications, the date and order could possibly have legal ramifications as well, states The Law Dictionary.