How Do You Read a Navy Salary Chart?

To read a Navy pay chart, first distinguish whether it's an enlisted persons or an officers scale. Enlisted persons charts have alphanumeric indicators beginning with "E;" officer codes begin with "O." Next, read the chart from left to right to observe rates as they increase with pay class.

In most cases, Navy pay is consistent with rank or time served, a fact consistent with both officers and the enlisted. Typically, as of 2015, Navy charts illustrate enlisted persons as starting off with base salaries of $1,546.80 monthly, with possibilities for raises and advancement after nine months. Subsequent raises become available after the second, third and fourth years respectively. E-5 enlisted, the highest tier, earn $2,580.60.

Officer progression through pay grades is similar, but not exactly the same. For example, an officer experiences the possibility of a raise within the first two years, with advancement through successive ranks coming in roughly one-to-one clusters. Base rank officers make $3,692.10, whereas O-6 level officers make $7,242.90. However, those considering entry into the Navy should calculate compensation beyond mere pay. For officers especially, advantages such as free housing and complimentary health care benefits add thousands to a yearly salary, despite what the pay chart indicates.