What Are the Ranks and Corresponding Pay Grades of U.S. Navy Officers in 2014?


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In 2014, Naval officer ranks ranged from Chief Warrant Officer 1 (W-1) to Admiral (O-10), and pay grades ranged from $2839.80/month for a W-1 to $19762.50/month for an O-10. Time served in the Navy affects the pay rate, rising with more time served.

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A Warrant Officer 1 with less than two years of service receives $2839.80 each month. In 2014, this number increased to $3227.40 after serving for three years or more at that rank. The rank of Chief Warrant Officer 5 is reserved for those who have spent 20 years or more in the Navy, and the pay is $7118.40 per month at the 20-year mark and goes up to $9315.00 after the 38-year mark.

The O-class officer grades begin with Ensign at O-1, proceeding through Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain and multiple ranks of Admiral, ending with O-10, Admiral Chief of Naval Operations/Commandant of the Coast Guard. A special rank of Fleet Admiral (O-11) is reserved for wartime.

Ensigns received a starting pay of $3655.50 a month in 2014, rising to $4538.70 after 38 years of service. An Admiral Chief of Naval Operations must have served a minimum of 20 years in order to attain that rank and receives $16072.20 a month that first year, going up to $19752.50 after 38 years at the 2014 pay rates.

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