What Are Some Quotes From President Obama's Speeches at Prayer Breakfasts?


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In February 2015, President Obama quoted a favorite prayer of Eleanor Roosevelt when he said, "Keep us at tasks too hard for us that we may be driven to Thee for strength.” In 2012, he said, "I wake up each morning and I say a brief prayer."

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In his use of Mrs. Roosevelt's prayer, he quipped that perhaps God had taken him too literally with this prayer. He then spoke of his belief that God had been there for him, giving him strength for his own life and for his responsibilities as president.

At the National Prayer Breakfast in 2012, Obama continued to tell of his morning routine by adding that "I spend a little time in scripture and devotion." He emphasized that doing so is only the start, for he must also live by the principles he believes. He stated that they must "motivate" him in his job as president. He takes seriously the Biblical principle that “for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.” If everyone treats other people the way he himself wants to be treated, President Obama said that we could solve many of the nation's problems, including economical issues. He related a story of the time he visited the Reverend Billy Graham at his mountaintop home and of the great impact that visit had on his own life. He told the audience that he has knelt in prayer often since that time requesting guidance for his own life and for the nation.

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