What Is a Quit Claim Deed Form?

A quit claim deed or deed form allows for the transfer of property from one individual to another without any guarantee as to the transferring person's interest, according to Nolo. It transfers whatever interest a person has in the property, regardless of whether such interest actually exists.

Quit claim deeds are typically used in cases where there are no doubts about the ownership of the property, states Robert C. Young for SFGate. Such examples include transfers between spouses, children, siblings and parents. Quit claim deeds can also be used to transfer interests in a business.

Quit claim deed forms can be obtained online, says Young. In filling out these forms, the individual transferring his interest is called the grantor, and the person getting the interest is the grantee. Quit claim deed forms should include the legal description of the property, which consists of the length and direction of the boundary lines. The form should also include a statement from the grantor conveying his interest in the property to the grantee and the consideration being exchanged. Quit claim deeds should be signed by both the grantor and grantee in the presence of a notary. After the deed is notarized, it should be filed and recorded in the county recorder's office.