What Are Some Questions Found on a Prison Visitation Application?

What Are Some Questions Found on a Prison Visitation Application?

The main questions on a prison visitation application are the visitor's name, address and social security number. The application also generally asks how the visitor knows the inmate and whether the visitor has a criminal record. The exact questions may vary depending on the facility.

Prison visitors are generally required to undergo a criminal background check, so the application asks for the information required to do that. This also includes any aliases or former names the visitor has used, including maiden names. The application also contains a request for permission to obtain the background check.

In addition to asking about the visitor's relationship to the inmate, the application may ask if the person knows or is related to other prisoners currently incarcerated in that prison. It may also ask where the visitor is employed.

The application also usually asks for identifying information, including the visitor's driver's license number, as well as a brief description such as hair color, eye color, height and weight. It may also ask whether the visitor is willing to receive phone calls from the inmate.

If the visitor is a minor, the application asks for the name of the parent or legal guardian. This usually cannot be the inmate, even if the inmate is the minor's parent.