How Do You Qualify for Fixed Income Housing?

To qualify for fixed income housing, a person must be a member of a limited to low-income family or a low income individual. The local housing authority determines a person's eligibility based on annual gross income, whether a person qualify as elderly, a person with a disability or as a family and whether the person in question has U.S. citizenship or eligible immigration status. An application must be submitted providing all information about status and income.

If a person is deemed eligible, the HA will check the given references from the application to make sure the person in question and their family will be good tenants. HAs deny admission to any applicant whose habits and practices may be expected to have a detrimental effect on other tenants or the project's environment. Income limits and tenant expectations are available at the official site for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

If the HA determines that applicants are eligible, they will be put on a waiting list unless the HA is able to assist the person immediately. Once a name is reached on the waiting list, the HA will contact the person. If it is determined that someone is ineligible, the HA must say why and provide information to request a hearing to review the application.