Who Qualifies for Section 8 Rental Assistance?


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The Section 8 rental assistance program is for people who are low income, elderly or have disabilities. There are additional requirements that must be met, including citizenship requirements.

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The Section 8 rental assistance program, or Housing Choice Voucher program, provides a subsidy to qualified applicants. The applicant can choose where he or she lives as long as the landlord is willing to accept the housing voucher. To qualify for the program, the applicant has to be a United States citizen or a legal immigrant. A legal immigrant includes people who are in the country with a valid green card.

Applicants must also meet income requirements. An applicant's income cannot exceed half of the median income for the region in which he or she lives. The median income is set by the public housing authority that oversees the region. The size of the household and expenses are also important. The expenses are deducted from the amount of income the applicant has to determine whether or not he or she falls within the income level allowed. Once an application is submitted and reviewed, additional information might be requested by the public housing authority. If approved, the applicant is added to a waiting list. The period of time the applicant remains on the waiting list depends on available funds for rental subsidies.

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