Who Qualifies for DFAS Military Retirement Pay?

People who qualify for Defense Finance and Accounting Services military retirement pay include people who served on active duty in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines for 20 years or more along with people who are retired from those branches medically and reservists who reach age 60 with 20 years of qualified service, notes DFAS.mil. Reserve members may also use any time served as a contract surgeon or acting dental surgeon to qualify.

There are specific types of service that count as active duty or qualifying. These service types include standard active service, active service for training, active duty for special work, temporary tour of active duty, full-time National Guard duty and active guard or reserve time, states DFAS.mil. Once these qualifications are met, then the service member is eligible for retirement benefits.

DFAS offers several different types of retirement plans for different areas of the military. Regular retirement for standard service members is based on the members' salaries as well as information submitted by their given branches of service. Reservists have their own specific type of retirement that is based on the same factors as standard service. Service members can also receive temporary disability retirement depending on the type of injury and situation around the retirement. Permanent disability also qualifies for retirement based on disability determination.

There is also a temporary early retirement available to people who have served more than 15 years when there is a need to reduce the number of active members and still maintain force readiness, DFAS.mil notes.