Who Is Qualified to Apply for a TWIC Card?

United States citizens and some legal immigrants with full mental capacity and no links to terrorism are eligible for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, according to the Transportation Security Administration's website. Individuals convicted of certain crimes are ineligible for a TWIC.

The TWIC is required for longshore workers, truck drivers, port facility employees, merchant mariners with a credential issued from the Coast Guard and other workers needing unescorted access to secure areas of maritime vessels and facilities. First responders do not need to have a TWIC while responding to an emergency.

As of 2015, eligible citizens and immigrants can apply for a TWIC by bringing certain identity documents to a TWIC enrollment center, completing a TWIC Disclosure and Certification form, providing biographical information and having a set of fingerprints taken. The individual must also have a photo taken and pay an enrollment fee. This process is estimated to take about 15 minutes.

Within 6 to 8 weeks after applying for the TWIC, the individual should return the enrollment center to pick up the TWIC. Before picking up the credential, individuals can check the status of the TWIC and schedule a pick-up appointment using the online form provided on the TSA website.