What Are the Qualifications for VA Benefits?


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Veterans who served in active military service are eligible for Veterans Affairs benefits and services. They qualify as long as they were separated from the military under conditions other than dishonorable.

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National Guard or Reserve members who were ordered to active duty through a federal order and served the entire ordered period are also eligible for VA benefits. Veterans who suffered from a disability that occurred while serving active duty usually qualify for an exception. Other potentially eligible veterans include former prisoners of war, recipients of the Purple Heart Medal and recipients of the VA pension. Veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam and Persian Gulf during specific times are also eligible for benefits. Enrollment eligibility is best determined after an applicant submits an application to the VA for benefits. Applications for benefits can be submitted online, in person or by phone.

After eligibility is verified, applicants are placed in a priority group. The priority group helps to determine services and co-payments. Variables such as income, length of service and available VA resources can impact which services an applicant is ultimately eligible to receive. Some veterans can qualify for travel reimbursement to cover the cost of going to and from medical service providers. The reimbursement can cover private and public transportation.

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