What Are the Qualifications for Receiving Welfare?

There are several programs within the basic welfare program, but the basic criteria for all the programs is that recipients agree to work on getting out of the program within a specific time frame. Welfare programs include cash assistance, food stamps, child support, medical assistance and utility assistance.

Eligibility requirements for the welfare programs begin with the recipient having a lack of employment through lack of places to work or lack of employable skills. The heads of household must commit to getting out of the program and comply with all regulations while receiving aid. Dependent children are required to be living within the household receiving the aid. Minors are required to attend school and be up to date on immunizations.

The primary recipient of aid is required to be 18 or older and must be a legal and permanent resident of the state of application. The recipient must also be a citizen of the United States or have qualified non-citizen resident status.

Total honesty and accuracy with regulating officials is required. Recipients must divulge all household resources and cash or bank accounts. Other property such as jewelry and electronics counts towards the overall value of resources. A household budget must be created during the plan and strictly adhered to.