What Are the Qualifications to Receive a Renters Rebate?


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To qualify for a renters rebate, a person is required to meet an age minimum, typically 65, and have a total household income that doesn't exceed a specific threshold, as of March 2015. The exact requirements, such as the income threshold, vary based on the state of residence.

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The age minimum of 65 can be bypassed if a person has a spouse who is over the age of 65. A widow or widower over the age of 50 may also qualify for a renters rebate. A person 18 years of age or older who is disabled and receives social security benefits due to his disability is also eligible for a renters rebate. Property tax must have been paid on the unit. Each state has a maximum rebate amount.

States may require a form verifying rent that was paid for the year. For example, Minnesota requires a certificate of rent paid to be submitted with the renter's tax return. This certificate notes rent paid for the year and how that rent contributed to payment of the property tax on the unit. If an accurate copy of this certificate cannot be obtained, a rent paid affidavit can work as an alternative. The affidavit must include rent payment receipts, such as canceled checks.

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