What Qualifications Does a Person Need to Run for the Senate?

In order to run for a Senate seat, a person must live in the state he or she will represent, be at least 30 years old and must have lived in the United States for at least 9 years, according to Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. Anyone running for the Senate must also be able to devote themselves to public service and have excellent public communication skills.

Running for a seat in the House or Senate requires one to make much of their lives public. They have to be able to give the public a chance to get to know them and be able to debate current events. Having a solid knowledge of the district in which they are running is very important.

Running for Congress requires a great deal of money so anyone with the desire to run for the Senate has to be good at fundraising. Potential candidates must be able to listen to conflicting viewpoints with an open mind and be able to take criticism from their opponents and members of the press. As candidates will often be required to appear on television and participate in public speaking forums, being shy is not an option. Once the campaign begins, a candidate must have an outgoing personality and excellent people skills.