What Is the Purpose of the USCIS Form I=864?


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The USCIS Form I-864 is used by immigrants to prove they can financially support themselves. It is meant to establish that they will not need to rely on the federal government for financial assistance, as stated by the Department of Homeland Security.

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This form is available online or overseas from the Department of State and there is no fee to file overseas, however, those filing within U.S. borders will need to pay a filing fee. Each form should be filled out in its entirety and must include things like the sponsor's family name and signature. Each form provided by the USCIS is free to download.

Some immigrants, especially those who are in the United States for employment reasons, will also have to fill out the I-864, notes the USCIS. Those filling out the form online will notice a barcode at the bottom of the form. This barcode allows people to start and stop the application as many times as necessary, while saving the information.

Those who prefer to fill out the form by hand should use black ink and keep their answers well within the spaces provided. If an error is made, an applicant should download and print a new form, rather than using correction fluid or marking out answers. If the form was mailed by the National Visa Center, read it carefully as it may have different instructions.

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