What Is the Purpose of the Pinal County Assessor's Office?


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The purpose of the Pinal County Assessor's Office is to find and identify locally assessed properties in Pinal County and appraise them at current market value. The Treasurer’s Office uses these valuations to determine the taxes due for numerous local taxing authorities in Pinal County.

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The Pinal County Assessor's Office establishes the market value of vacant and improved land. It also appraises attached commercial and residential structures. The office follows Arizona’s statutes, standard appraisal techniques and the regulations of the Arizona Department of Revenue in the appraisal process. It also processes appeals from taxpayers and supplies supporting documentation for its appraisals in case of a dispute over the market value of a property.

The Pinal County Assessor's Office also handles the valuation of business personal properties and manufactured housing. In addition, it maintains information about the ownership of properties and updates official records when owners sell, transfer, combine or split their properties. Moreover, it oversees the widower, widows and disability exemptions. It also administers the Senior Valuation Freeze.

The Pinal County Assessor's Office uses 12 principles of value in the valuation process. One of the principles is the future benefits that the property owner expects to derive. Another principle is anticipated changes in social, economic and governmental forces. An additional principle is consistent use, which refers to the requirement to value all the features of a property based on a class of usage at a single point in time. Another principle is substitution as the market value of a property changes as the cost of obtaining a comparable property changes. Supply and demand are other principles.

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