What Is the Purpose of a National Nominating Convention?

The main purpose of a national nominating convention is to select the party’s presidential nominee. This convention adopts the party’s principles and goals, commonly known as platform, and adopts the rules of the activities of the party, including the process of nominating the presidential candidate for the next general election. Generally, it refers to the two events: the Republican National Convention and the Democrats National Convention.

George Washington University states that the major parties' national nominating conventions are supported and funded by non-profit and non-partisan host committees, as well as by the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. In most cases, taxpayers' money is only used to lesser degrees. Host committees fulfill a host of functions, including promoting the host city, among other logistical issues. They then embark on raising money, organizing events and recruiting volunteers. Because these conventions only occur every four years, leaders and delegates of the parties use these platforms to discuss the rules of their specific parties. In such conventions, they can adopt new party rules as well as discuss any pertinent issues affecting the party at the national level. As such, the primary goal of any national nominating convention is to unite the party before the next general elections.